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Anna + Peter

Anna & Peter were recently married at the Riverside Reception Venue at New Farm.

It was a beautifully relaxed day with an emphasis put on enjoying it with close friends and family.

Anna was Gorgeous (capital G) in her Lisa Ho gown, and Peter was pretty spunky too!

After the ceremony, Anna & Peter and the bridal party took a walk along the river for some photo fun. We then then ducked across the road to an abandoned field which had the most beautiful afternoon light stream across it. I love finding these little pockets of beauty in areas that many would not think to look.

It was then back to the relaxed cocktail reception by the river where the great evening continued.

Peter’s dad helping with the cuff links

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Now these look like comfy wedding shoes..


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Anna’s dad first look

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Groomsmen experiencing technical difficulties..

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Some reception details


Nicola + Cameron

Good times were had by all recently at Nicola and Cameron’s wedding down at The Villa on the Gold Coast. I don’t think I have seen a bride so relaxed and stressfree as Nicola was the morning of her wedding. Cameron was also pretty relaxed, apart from a few nerves forming as the time drew closer…  :)

The ceremony was held on the lawn overlooking the lake. The bridal party then jumped on the golf carts and we drove around and explored the beautifully kept grounds of the Villa. After the sun set, we even had time for a favourite thing of mine…a quick night shoot .


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Power Ranger Groomsmen are Go!!blognc21 blognc22 blognc23 blognc24

Some Reception detailsreception

Neala + Travis

I had a lot of fun recently shooting the wedding of Neala & Travis down at the Gold Coast.

The day started down at Burleigh, with both Neala (and the girls) and Travis( and the boys) getting ready by the beach.

The ceremony was held at Coolibah Downs Chapel at Nerang. We then made our way back down to the beach (via a few stops) for some location shoot fun.

The approaching storm clouds didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Quite the opposite in fact. It seemed that the wilder and crazier the weather got…so did the bridal party! :)

We dodged the worst of the weather (by hiding under a very large rock! ) and got some spectacular brooding clouds as a backdrop. We then made our way back to Burleigh for the reception.

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Neala workin itblognt12 blognt13 blognt14 blognt15

Bridal party getting their crazy on!


Bridesmaid sandwich!


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Waiting for a shower to pass



Some reception details…mmm. another candy bar :)